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Photodevices for Sensors

Various Applications for Optical & Opto Sensors

KYOTO SEMICONDUCTOR Co., Ltd. is one of the leading optoelectronic component suppliers to manufacturers of Bank note readers and Rotary encoding devices.
We are expanding our market reach into Intelligent Transport System (ITS) applications and making efforts in developing new applications for Image processing, Surveillance camera, Light source for plant growth, Sterilization/Disinfection equipment and Gas analyzer and so on.

At the present, Ultraviolet (UV) photodiodes and LEDs based on GaN, are being developed in UV-A (315-400nm) for the shorter wavelength region less than visible light, Moreover, GaN based UV sensors in UV-B (280-315m) are still going under development. On the other hand, the photodiodes and LEDs based on InGaAs are developed in Near Infra Red region (NIR) (0.780-3.0μm) as well as in Mid-Infrared (3.0-50μm) for the longer wavelength more than infrared light, too. We have actively enhanced our product lineup thus far.

In the market of short wavelength light, photo-detecting devices are going to be used for flame-detector, LED and Mercury lamp monitors and UV radiometer. On the other hand, light emitting devices are to be used for curing epoxy resin, bill validation and light source for analyzer, etc.
In the market of long wavelength light, Applications for Moisture detection assay by NIR photodiode that combines a NIR LED (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy: NIRS) as well as an illuminating LED for NIR camera are very anticipated in future.

For your information, Si-based UV sensors are available in the market well before above GaN based ones.


  • LEDs
  • Infrared LEDs
  • Infrared LEDs

Emission wavelengths range from 365nm that is the shortes among UV-A to the longest of 1650nm in NIR.
Our featured LED lineup from these all includes 5 point source LEDs, 7 Parallel beam LEDs, 4 multi-wavelength LEDs, 10 GaN・InGaN UV LEDs (367 and 373 nm), 8 InGaAsP NIR LEDs (1300,1450,1550 and 1650 nm), etc.
Plastic molding, hermetically sealing, epoxy potting, SMD ceramic package sealing, and SMD packaging by a transfer mold process are available on customers' requests, and furthermore, plastic molds with special emission patterns such as cylindrical Top Flat and square shaped Side-Looking, etc.


  • Photodiodes
  • Optical Electric Field Sensors and Magnetic Field Sensors

2 PIN photodiode(850nm), 3 silicon based UV sensors (254 and 365nm), 12 GaN/InGaN/AlGaN based UV sensors (260, 315, 340, 355 and 365 nm), 4 InGaAs based long wavelength photodiodes (1550, 1950, 2200 and 2400nm), 3 InGaAs and InAs based long wavelenght photodiodes with thermoelectric cooler (1550 and 3000nm), 2 high speed photodiodes (fc=1 or 2 GHz), 1 silicon based 16 channel photodiode array.
Above-mentioned is all for our featured photodiode lineup.

Avalanche Photodiodes

  • Avalanche Photodiodes

3 silicon based APD photodiodes with cut-off frequencies of 1.5, 0.6 and 0.25 GHz, respectively.


  • Phototransistors

6 silicon based phototransistors with hermetically sealing, visible cut filtering, 3mmφceramic packaging or plastic molding.

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Si APD module KPM100
Si APD module integrated with a high speed transimpedance amplifier and a high voltage bias source.
Low profile parallel beam LED KED050-H23
Parallel beam LED with a newly designed low profile lens for optical encoders.
Photovoltaic power converter KPC8-T
High efficient power converter from 1300-1600nm laser light into electrical power.

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