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Environmental Efforts

Environmental Policies

We provide the products that put lesser burden on the environment and promote to use the renewable energy, following our 'Corporate Environmental Policy' and 'Course of Action'.

<Corporate Environmental Policy>

We promote activities to preserve the environment on the Earth and conserve natural resources, expressing our appreciation for gift from Nature as earthpersons.

<Courses of Action>

  1. We figure out influences on the environment caused by activities, products and services of our company. We continuously improve our environment management system, to the economically and technically possible extent, and review environment purpose and target periodically.
  2. We set our corporate standard in order to comply with laws and regulations for environmental issues, relating to activities, products and services of our company and make an effort to prevent environmental pollutions.
  3. For the activities, products and services of our company, we list up followings as important target for environment and safety management.

    1) To promote resource saving and effective use of resources by improving the process yields.

    2) To promote energy saving and waste reduction in all activities.

    3) To supply low environmental load products, in order to respond customer needs through our products development and production by reduction of harmful material.

    4) To promote initiatives for healthy and safety workplace.

  4. We will take action for environmental issues, by coordinating with intra-company and inter-company organizations, and raising of environmental awareness by education of environmental issues to all staffs of our company.

Efforts for Environment through ISO 14000 series

We have acquired International Standards of ISO14000 series at all business bases to always strive for improving environmental influence.


ISO14000 series certification statue
Business Base Certification Standard Certification Body Date*
Headquarters & Kansai Sales Office ISO14001:2015 PJR August 2018
Tokyo Sales Office ISO14001:2015 PJR August 2018
Eniwa Operation ISO14001:2015 PJR August 2004
Kamisunagawa Operation ISO14001:2015 PJR August 2004

*: ISO14000 series certification date for the first time.
PJR: Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc.

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Photovoltaic power converter KPC8-T
High efficient power converter from 1300-1600nm laser light into electrical power.

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