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A Provider of High Quality and High Added Value

There are two important factors in the manufacturing of opto-semiconductor devices: quality evaluation with respect to functions, and the production technology that materializes those functions.

KYOTO SEMICONDUCTOR Co., Ltd. has established an integrated production system, ranging from the manufacturing of opto-semiconductor devices to various finished products assembled in packages. It has also built a unique quality assurance system to comply with various standards.
Based on our sophisticated manufacturing know-how, we make the most of our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies to create high-quality products and satisfy our customers with high added value.

Our Expertise in Both Mass and Low Mixed Volume Production


KYOTO SEMICONDUCTOR Co., Ltd. is enhancing its ability to meet the needs in the field of opto- semiconductor devices through low mixed volume production, and its cost competitiveness in the field of Sphelar® cells through mass production. While drawing upon the strengths of our integrated production system, we satisfy customers' requirements by switching production processes according to the product characteristics. Especially in the field of photodevices for sensors, where we have started directing our efforts on the production of surface-mounted and transfer molded products in addition to hermetically sealed, epoxy-potted, plastic molded products in recent years in order to establish advanced production technologies.

We are also introducing the latest facilities and equipment in design, manufacturing, quality evaluation and all other processes to catch up with technological innovations, while mapping the latest technology trends.

Our Unique Quality Assurance to Achieve High Quality


KYOTO SEMICONDUCTOR Co., Ltd. has set forth unique Quality Policies, and is continuously working on improving quality in order to achieve even more customer satisfaction. For newly developed products, we conduct strict operational, environmental and life tests in compliance with the standards of EIAJ (the Electronic Industries Association of Japan) and the Telcordia Standards to ensure system reliability for optical communications.

For example, photodetectors are sampled by production lot for B-T (Bias-Temperature) tests, along with successive plotting over long periods for recording and statistically processing in order to analyze malfunctions. As a result, an extremely high level of reliability of less than 10FIT (non-Failure over 106 hours) has been achieved for long-wavelength photodiodes used in optical communications.

Quick Answers for Development and Commercialization


At KYOTO SEMICONDUCTOR Co., Ltd., four divisions (sales, development, production management and manufacturing) work closely with each other to deliver products on time, while assuring a high level of quality. In some cases, the quality assurance division will also play a part to shorten the lead-time from the moment we receive a customer's request up to the commercialization stage.

For the launch of mass production, our manufacturing division is assigned to serve as the "mother factory" , and production is intelligently outsourced based on our wealth of know-how and management capabilities. We provide a stable supply of products for the complete satisfaction of customers in quality, delivery and cost.

Creating "Possibilities" by Cultivating Core Technologies

KYOTO SEMICONDUCTOR Co., Ltd., as an R&D-oriented company, has continuously taken on the task of creating distinctive products by capitalizing on its technologies.

Our major achievements include development of high-purity semiconductor crystal inspired by the use of Japan Microgravity Center in Kamisunagwa-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido and a product that applies this technology, the spherical photovoltaic solar cell "Sphelar®" as well as the light emiting and photodetecting devices to cover ultraviolet and near-infrared wavelength regions based on semiconductor processing technologies.

Inspired Technology


KYOTO SEMICONDUCTOR Co., Ltd.'s mission as an R&D-oriented company is to create new opto-devices by refining its core technologies.
We are transforming from a business designed to simply serve the customer to one in which we work with customers to propose and advance developments by taking advantage of the key technologies we have carefully cultivated over many years: sensor technology, light emitting and photodetecting technology, transmission and reception technology in two fields below.

In the field optical communications, we are currently developing various modules including mini can pigtails with the smallest diameter in the world for network monitoring systems, and long-focus photodiodes for interactive communications over FTTH.
And in the field of photodevices for sensors, we are developing new UV sensors for ultraviolet measurement and InGaAs & InAs long wavelength photodiodes with Peltier cooler, and further, earnestly working on the development of fabrication technology for surface-mounted light emitting and photodetecting devices(SMDs) using the transfer molding process as well.

Customization: Shaping Customer Needs


Requirements for opto-devices vary significantly depending upon their use, including their properties, shape and degree of reliability required.

For a long time, KYOTO SEMICONDUCTOR Co., Ltd. has equipped itself with a development system capable of precisely meeting customers' special needs. Whether opto-semiconductors are provided as chips, package products, module products, or others, we carry out each and every step-from design, development, and production, all the way through to quality control checks-in a consistent manner, and thereby manufacture products that satisfy our customers.

We take customer-specific problems to heart and skillfully produce prototypes to fast track product commercialization. Many of our customers acclaim our efforts on their behalf and value the ability to "Trust in KYOTO SEMICONDUCTOR."

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Si APD module KPM100
Si APD module integrated with a high speed transimpedance amplifier and a high voltage bias source.
Low profile parallel beam LED KED050-H23
Parallel beam LED with a newly designed low profile lens for optical encoders.
Photovoltaic power converter KPC8-T
High efficient power converter from 1300-1600nm laser light into electrical power.

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