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InGaAs PIN-TIA Receivers
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 DescriptionModel No.Bit Rate
Optical Sensitivity
(dBm), Typ.
preamplifiedKPDX150MB156M-39 @3.3Vhermetically sealed pig tail and LC-ROSAOC-3 preamplified receivers
preamplifiedKPDX600M622M-31 @3.3VOC-12 preamplified receivers
preamplifiedKPDX1GK1.25G-32 @3.3VOC-24 preamplified receivers
preamplifiedKPDX2GK2.5G-29 @3.3VOC-48 preamplified receivers
preamplifiedKPDX2GE2.5G-27 @3.3Vhermetically sealedOC-48 preamplified receivers with long focal length
preamplifiedKPDX4G4.25G-22 @3.3Vhermetically sealed pig tailFibre channel receivers
preamplifiedKPDX10G10.3G-19 @3.3VOC-192 preamplified receivers
ROSAKPDX10G-XMD10.3G-18 @3.3VLC-ROSA with flexible printed circuit(FPC) FPC easily adjusted to match an impedence