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Spherical Micro Solar Cells

Innovative concept of solar technology:
Catching rays from all directions

What is Sphelar®?

Sphelar® is:

  • Micro spherical solar cell and the related solar technology developed by Kyosemi
  • A smart and innovative solution to integrate green energy into various applications
  • To inspire and promote new eco-friendly products’ ideas

Unlike conventional flat solar cells, Sphelar® cell takes on a spherical shape, which makes it capable of power generation with greater efficiency. This tiny solar cell, measuring a mere 1-2 mm across, holds huge potential for smart and green society.

Sphelar® EIPV (Electronics Integrated Photovoltaic) series

  • Sphelar® EIPV (Electronics Integrated Photovoltaic) series

To crop necessary energy in situ, from non-electric energy in the circumstance: That's the 'Energy Harvesting' (a.k.a. 'Energy Scavenging'). Here are our compact solar products for the concept, designed as power supplier for sensor devices and smart wireless applications.
Derived from the concept of 'energy harvest', this series provides to customers small and compact PV modules. Kyosemi provides three different ideas for low power applications.

Sphelar® see-through modules

  • Sphelar® see-through modules

For custom design inspiring the next generation of PV applications.
There is no hidden side: Both sides generate electricity wherever located is the light source. High transparency from 50 to 80%; Varied shapes from curved surface to pliable sheet.

Sphelar® Design Products

  • Sphelar® Design Products

Bring solar energy closer to you. Kyosemi proposes new solar products, news way to enjoy the Sun.


Mr. Nakata, CEO and the inventor of Sphelar®, presents the technology and its future (movie filmed at PVEXPO 2010).

Sphelar® is a registered trademark of Kyosemi.

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